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Since we often receive similar questions, we have summarized and answered a few here.

If there are still open questions, we would be happy to answer them personally.

Who are we?

First Aid, First Handis an association that was founded by dedicated medical and law students to help people in need. The current events in Ukraine were the trigger for the foundation and that is the focus at the moment.  However, the organization is intended as a long-term institution that can provide help of any kind in humanitarian crises.


Who are we looking for?

We are looking for medically trained staff (doctors, nurses, paramedics, etc.) who will take care of the patients on our medically accompanied  passenger transports.


We also warmly welcome non-physicians, as we are firmly convinced that we can complement each other and thus achieve significantly more. Experiences from every field (transport, media, languages, organization, law, etc.) are of great help to us.


What is our equipment?

We accompany the transports both in rented buses and in our own ambulances, which we have equipped for emergencies. We also have a variety of medical supplies: rescue backpacks, material for wound care, injection utensils, respirators, medication, defibrillators, etc. We also have all the equipment for children, as they are our target group.


What are our projects?

As part of theESB(European Shelter Bridge) we organize the transport of patients from the war zone, especially children, babies and young people, to a temporary or permanent home in safety. For care in the event of an acute illness during the journey or if a protégé arrives at the border in a poor medical condition.


The conceptEHB(European Hospital Bridge) is used to bring patients who are in a critical condition, e.g. intubated ventilation, but who are released by their doctors in the war zone and are to be transferred to our partner hospitals in Germany and Austria, where they have a safe bed available is provided.


How do we organize our resources?

Fortunately, apart from the donations from the population, we are also supported by theSigmund Freud Private University Viennaand the organizationVienna Mission for Ukrainesupports.


We then request medical supplies from pharmacies, wholesalers, and hospitals to meet the needs of upcoming missions, and then pick them up in time so that everything is ready when we go.


What are our goals?

We want to rescue as many people as possible from the crisis zone and bring them to safety. We focus on the medical aspect, as there are still shortages in this regard among the aid organizations.


When is the next mission?

With events unfolding at the moment, it's hard to predict when the next mission will take place. We are flexible and well prepared for a wide variety of eventualities, which means that we are able to carry out short-term orders in a structured manner.


What do we offer?

We offer an organized platform for all those who want to contribute their knowledge and skills during this difficult time. We network energetic people from a wide variety of areas and provide help where it is urgently needed. Our focus is on medically accompanied transports.


How do medically accompanied missions work?

When we get and accept an order, we organize the basic equipment, the escorts, the transport, the handover, etc.


We will then inform everyone who takes part in the mission of the departure location and time. We also inform those responsible for the condition of our passengers as early as possible so that the handover on site can go smoothly.


At the border point where the handover takes place, we receive our protégés, who are brought across the border by our partners in Ukraine, and place them in our buses, cars and ambulances - depending on their condition.

Depending on where they are housed, we go to Germany or Austria and bring the mission to a good end.


Since we don't want to subject the fugitives to an additional long journey, the missions often run through the night. On the outward journey you can still rest well, on the return journey you have to reckon with possible missions.

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