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Ukraine: 79 orphans brought to Austria

Kronen Zeitung, March 27, 2022

In a transnational campaign, a total of 79 orphans and 28 carers from the Ukraine were brought to safety and reached Austria on Sunday night. 


"Meanwhile the three of us live mostly on the Ukrainian border!"

chiemgau24, 02.04.2022


Maximilian Holzhofer from the Truchtlaching district of Seeon-Seebruck has set himself the goal of helping people suffering from the war in Ukraine directly on site. Together with two other students, he founded the aid organization "First Aid, First Hand". In an interview, he reports on their work and how the company was founded.


Escape from War | Carinthian doctors looked after Ukrainian orphans

Small Newspaper, 03/30/2022

Two pediatricians from the Klagenfurt Clinic, Ursula Pichler and Anna Wollschläger, were present when 79 orphans and their carers from Ukraine were rescued. A child received emergency care in Poland.


Rapid help: 200 angels for Ukraine

Kronen Zeitung, April 15, 2022

THERE ARE GETTING MORE > Idealists from the international community in Vienna are helping Ukrainians.


Taxi driver brings urgently needed medical supplies to the war zone

The Default, 04/10/2022

The organization "First Aid, First Hand" asked Taxi 40100 for logistical help - critical medical supplies urgently needed to be brought to the Ukrainian border.

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